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USB Storage Enabler for Windows Phone 7

USB Storage Enabler for Windows Phone 7

USB Storage Enabler for Windows Phone 7

This trick will enable your Lumia to act as a mass storage device just like plugging in a USB stick. But make sure you have Zune installed and one Lumia device connected.

What to do:

  1. Download the USB Enabler tool
  2. Run the NokiaRevo_Wp7UsbStorageEnabler.exe
  3. Click the option “Enable” then hit Quit.
  4. Make sure to close Zune to enter the USB Storage mode
  5. Connect your Lumia and see for yourself.

Now you can use your phone like a normal USB mass storage.

**This tool requires .NET 2.0.


Why do I only see “empty folders”?

1. Start Zune and connect your device
2. Click on “Enable” in the USB Storage Enabler Tool
3. Close Zune (or your folders are empty)

If problem persists, try this:

  1.  connect the phone to PC
  2.  restart (turn off and on) the phone while still connected to the PC
  3.  Zune should launch automatically
  4.  enable usb unlocker tool
  5. close Zune



Please leave a comment if this trick works for you or not.


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