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[W10] Win Screens v2.0.0.0 – Appx for Windows 10 Mobile


Win Screens v2.0.0.0 – Appx for Windows 10 Mobile

Win screens is a batter way to customize your windows 10 device with widgets and unique wallpapers on every click.

New in version :

Themes – Greatest addition to win screens. Three new themes for the best customization experience.  New Widgets – New widgets for calendar and weather.  Widget Reposition – Widgets will not be rendered in fixed position anymore. Change a widget’s position by clicking it’s setting icon.  Automatic Update – Set automatic update for lock screen and start screen from app’s settings section.  Improved Widgets – All widgets has been improved. New icon pack for mood widget, profile picture for profile widget and many more.   Improved Assets – New app logo, tile images, splash screen.  Improved UI – New pop ups, sub setting menus, improved hamburger menu, new about section.  Fixes – Lots of bugs, animations and UI issues.


  • Set lock screen
  • Set start screen
  • Edit backgrounds (Blur,gamma transfer , luminance, grayscale, saturation, hue rotation and opacity effect).
  • Show widgets to lock screen (Mood, personal info, calendar , weather, notes).
  • Widgets styling.
  • Themes (will change the appiarence of widgets).
  • Add Special moment greetings on Lock Screen.
  • Custom Wallpaper (Create awsome wallpaper patterns to match your personality and save them to use later )
  • Download bing image and custom images.
  • Pin tiles for every widget.
  • Automatic wallpaper update.

Download Appx : Win Screens v2.0.0.0 – Appx for Windows 10 Mobile

Win Screens
Win Screens
Developer: stupios
Price: Free+

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