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wAppStore + XapAssistant – Windows Phone Homebrew


wAppStore + XapAssistant – Windows Phone Homebrew

A little while ago we told you guys about Phone7Market, now there is an alternate software for homebrew devices that will allow users to download and install XAP files directly from the Marketplace and sideload them to your device. So if you live in a country where the Windows Phone Marketplace is not available, you can try using this method to install apps to your device.
You will need :

  1. Windows Phone (dev unlocked) or emulator
  2. Microsoft .NET Framework 4
  3. Windows Phone SDK (or just download miniWPSDK and install it )

Now download and install wAppStore and wXapAssistant :

wAppStore allows you to search and download XAPs from the marketplace ( only Free apps can be downloaded this way ) and wXapAssistant lets you deploy them to your unlocked device. I have not tested this myself , so if you decide to try it do let us know how it goes.

Download Links : wAppStore and wXapAssistant

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