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Windows 10 Anniversary Update (Redstone Build) will be Version 1607


Windows 10 Anniversary Update (Redstone Build) will be Version 1607

Microsoft plans to call the Anniversary update as Windows 10 Redstone update. The version number is as reported, we should expect version 1607. The first two digits here stand for the year, while the next two are for the month.

Year 2016 and month July.

This is the label that Redmond is aiming for, continuing the naming approach that was used for the November Update, which went by as version 1511. Certainly makes it easy to spot and identify the version number this way, this YYMM scheme.

That said, if you have been wondering why Microsoft has slowed down the preview builds of the operating system, there is a reason for this slower cadence.

And that is because the company is now giving the final, finishing touches to the Redstone update, and no new features are being developed right now. The Windows team has shifted focus to bug fixing and improving performance of the Anniversary Update.

For this reason, the next builds that will arrive will likely come with minor changes, and will specifically be meant to correct problems and optimizer performance ahead of the big launch in July.

Exactly a year after the Windows 10 became available, and when it turns one.

Of course, a second Redstone update is also planned for 2017, which will include features that were not ready for this first wave in the summer.

But the good thing is that the majority of features and options that Microsoft announced this year, and are currently part of the Insider builds will be there in Redstone RS1. Henceforth also known as version 1607.

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