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Windows 10 Build 14271 ISO / ESD Direct download


Windows 10 Build 14271 ISO / ESD Direct download

Windows 10 build 14271 ISOs have already been built by other users online and are now available for download . Note that these ISOs are not created by Microsoft and although some people could think they’re illegal, they’re not because pretty much everyone can create one with the aforementioned ESD update file.

WINDOWS 10 14271 ISO Download :

WINDOWS 10 14271 English Iso:

WINDOWS 10 14271 French/German Iso:


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  1. French :-)

    I’m stuck with the French 14267 which is even more clustered with bugs than the previous one, can’t opt out of insider builds (it doesn’t work), can’t roll back to last public build without losing all my files and apps… My plan is to wait for Redstone release sometime this summer and stick to it I suppose, but until then I’ll keep trying to update my way to a somewhat stable computer so any new French iso/esd released online is good news.

    I did find 14267 on a French private torrent tracker but no sign of 14271 yet!

  2. I doubt German and French isos are the same, the “fre” is in every other isos name and most likely stands for something else. I tried one of these two releases ago and Windows said I couldn’t keep my files because I was using an iso for another language.

    I would update via Windows Update but I haven’t been getting new builds since 10586…

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