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Windows 10 Mobile Backup & Restore Tutorial

Windows 10 Mobile Backup & Restore Tutorial

In this tutorial we take a detailed look at how the Backup options have changed in Windows 10 Mobile from Windows Phone 8.1 and how you can manage backup for different items.

Windows 10 Mobile Backup 1Backing up Apps, Start Screen, Accounts & Settings:

  • For accessing the Backup options, go to Settings > Update & security > Backup. Now, you can toggle on or off backup to OneDrive from participating apps. This is a neat feature and will help in restoring devices without loosing app data in process.
  • Clicking on “More Options” takes you to second screen where you can enable or disable automatic backups take a manual backup or even choose which apps’ data to be backed up.
  • You can also go to OneDrive to manage backups already stored online. Read on below to see how to manage backups in OneDrive

Backing up Photos, Videos & Messages:

  • Photos backup option has moved to the new OneDrive app and you need to setup photos backup by going to OneDrive settings directly or via Settings–>Devices–>Default Camera–>Manage OneDrive upload settings. (shown in screenshot below)
  • Message backup has moved under messaging settings (Settings—->System—->Messaging).

Windows 10 Mobile Backup 2

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