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Windows 10 Mobile Build 14356 : Unreported Changes & Issues

Windows 10 Mobile Build 14356: Unreported Changes & Issues

Today, Microsoft pushed Windows 10 Mobile Build 14356 to Insiders in Fast ring, this was a minor build to address bug and issues. But here are some unreported changes, especially some UI changes that now hint about Microsoft trying to focus more on giving the Anniversary update UI final shape. So here are the unreported changes in Build 14356 that we noticed.

  • Check how Settings main page has changed in this before-after comparison. The font size for main “Settings” text has grown a lot. Text for all settings options have also grown a little over what was in last build.


  • Cortana Menu has also seen changes in UI with Settings & feedback moving to bottom.
  • App icons for Notifications in Action Center have regained colors after going transparent on Build 14342.
  • The sub-settings page now don’t have the big “Settings” on top.


  • You can see similar changes on “Notifications & Actions” settings page and all other sub-settings pages, where font size for “Title Headings” have grown a lot now. Check the before and after comparison below.


  • There are other changes like Brightness Slider replaces the drop-down Brightness menu from last builds (on some devices)
  • Microsoft Edge also has changes in text size and icons (grown from last build)


Issues in Build 14356 :

Set Photos as Lock-screen / background missing:

If you go to Photos app and try to bring the context sensitive menu by tapping and holding or if you activate the bottom menu and tap o “Set as” you can notice two of the options set as Background / Lock-Screen missing. It is certainly not clear what may be the reason behind removing such handy feature. We hope it is just a bug.

Developer can’t deploy apps:

It seems developers are not able to deploy apps on the devices running Mobile Build 14356.

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