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Windows Phone 8.1 support to end on July 11, 2017

Microsoft has updated some of the selected devices to Windows 10 Mobile, but the company had kept supporting its earlier version Windows Phone 8.1. This support is soon going to end with the company on its site confirming the news that the Mainstream Support for Windows Phone 8.1 is going to end on July 11,2017.

The End date for Windows Phone 8.1 is updated on the Microsoft’s official website and the same can be found here. Some of the Windows Phone 8.1 users are already having issues while trying to logging in to the Microsoft Account after doing a hard reset or rolling back from Windows 10 Mobile.

The company on its Support Page under FAQ’s for Windows Phone 8.1 has mentioned the end of support for Windows Phone 8.1 devices as below.

2. Will I still be supported on Windows Phone 8.1, if my existing phone cannot upgrade to Windows 10 Mobile?

Microsoft will continue its existing support for Windows Phone 8.1 until the end of support date of July 11, 2017. The Windows Phone 8.1 support date can be found here. ”
This would be bad news for a lot of users who are still on Windows Phone 8.1 and have not yet upgraded to Windows 10 Mobile. These users would have to continue using the Windows Phone 8.1 which would not be supported starting July 12, 2017 or need to upgrade to Windows 10 Mobile to continue enjoying the Windows Platform.

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  1. hey…how about my lumia 530 who are still at w8.1..they know already that unit which is not applicable to you have an idea how to upgrade this to w10?

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