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Windows Phone 8 Easy shortcuts


Windows Phone 8 Easy shortcuts

There are some shortcuts to make life easier.

Press and hold back button: Opens your recent windows.

Close recent windows: Back arrow several times. You can check what is closed using the above trick. The windows are closed in order of recent use.

Click a letter: Whenever there is a letter in a list, app list, contact list… you can click it and get an overview.

Cut & paste:

  • Cut: Works in most windows, but not all. Click a word, drag arrows press button.
  • Paste: There is a paste button above the keyboard field.
  • Press and hold text you can’t mark it and chose copy.

Icons: Well most are pretty obvious, but one took me a while to figure out. It kept showing that I had new mail, but I didn’t. It is Hotmail. Inadvertently when you setup your account, you setup Hotmail. That app, keeps receiving mail, even if it does not have a tile. It’s a small letter icon with a ring.

Flight mode:

Swipe home screen left, press the letter A to get the overview. Press S and go to settings.

Lock screen:

Swipe home screen left, press the letter A to get the overview. Press S and go to settings. Lock and background

Program notifications: Press, don’t slide the notice. Swipe screen up to open program.

SkyDrive: Get the SkyDrive app from Marketplace. It works great!

Camera: Press and hold camera button while in pause screen mode. You may have to change camera settings under “Settings” swipe to right screen Apps and find the camera.

Camere extra: A must have app from the Nokia Collection.

General: Switch language to Enligsh (UK) if you live in a scandinavian contry a least. I do not know about Germany or France. Press and hold windows button. All of a sudden the phone has voice dial and texting, in english. But used in the car, voice dial was missing big time. You can also search just by speaking to the phone now. Just say “google dk” :-)

Windowsphone or iPhone: If you have a pc, no doubt this is the phone. Integration is smooth. Coming from iPhone/iPad own a Mac? The iPad integration with the Mac is not as cool as this but apps from iPhone can be shared with iPad.

Accessory-wise go iPhone. There are printers, speaker-docks etc. You can play by Bluetooth on the Lumia but it is a dive Down the menus to engage. There is no shortcut/tile for the kitchen BT-speakers nor option to play via BT from music players. That has to be decided beforehand.

Swipe up -> swipe left ->press “a” (to get list)  -> press “s” -> press settings -> Press Bluetooth -> choose speaker. Native there are 7 steps? There must be an easier way. Luckily there is :-)

Connectivity Shortcuts : Get the app Connectivity Shortcuts, pin Bluetooth on homescreen. Now it is only Swipe up -> Bluetooth -> Speaker.

Post your own tricks below. 

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