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Windows Phone Has 1.41% Market Share, NetMarketShare Claims

It’s not a secret that Windows phones are losing ground, but as far as NetMarketShare is concerned, the drop is happening at a slower pace than many people believe, with Microsoft’s platform actually doing a little bit better than the existing estimates.

Specifically, NetMarketShare claims Windows phones are indeed declining, but the whole thing is happening rather slowly, with the platform dropping from 1.48 percent in January to just 1.41 percent in February. This means a drop of just 0.07 percent in a single month, which isn’t actually terrible performance despite all the bad news lately.

Analyst firm Gartner puts Windows phones at 0.3 percent sales share, with an estimated 0.1 percent share by 2020, as most users are expected to switch to Android or iOS in the coming years.

Android still number one

Truth be told, this is already happening, and not only users are switching from Windows phones to rival platforms, but also developers, who can ba… (read more)

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