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Windows Phones Finally Getting GIF Support on Twitter

​The official Twitter app for Windows 10 has just received an update that finally brings it in line with Android and iOS clients, as it includes support for GIFs.

Those who aren’t using GIFs don’t know how important this feature is for users who spend a lot of time on Twitter, and given the fact that previously only iOS and Android got it, Windows phone owners once again felt left behind.

But starting today, GIF support is available on Windows 10 too, and given the fact that the official client is available on this operating system as a universal app, the same feature is being offered on both PCs and mobile phones.

It goes without saying that this is a neat update for Windows phone users, and this shows that some developers still see an opportunity in coding for Windows, even though there are others who think that Android and iOS deserve all the attention.

Working fine on most Windows 10 Mobile phones

If you are already running the Twitter app o… (read more)

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