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Winshotgun Pro 3.11.00 – Windows Phone Xap


Winshotgun Pro 3.11.00 – Windows Phone Xap

3.11 MASSIVE update! see below

Want the Gun App with the most (by a long shot!), and coolest guns and weapons? We got AK’s, Deagles, Shotguns, Grenades, Nuclear Explosions, Sniper Rifles, SMG’s, Flame Throwers, Missile Launchers…the list goes on and on. Is that not enough? Good, cause we are constantly updating for new feature, and MORE GUNS!


Firing modes supported include both click to fire, as well as accelerometer (shaking). Vibration can be turned on and off. Stats for every weapon discharge are available, and a leveling system based on your usage is included. Want new features? 5 star the app, request them, and they will likely be added (just look at the reviews and what has recently been added!!). 28 Guns in all this version!

This is the Gun App you’ve been looking and waiting for, so give it a shot!

3.11 Changes:
All guns have full animation loops and updated assets. All pistols can now have their chambers opened, and have max clip sizes. First person mode now has new bullet mark animations. Mission system is now live, and contributes to your leaderboard score. New page transition/navigations, and many ui tweaks and bug fixes!

Windows Market

Download Xap : Winshotgun Pro 3.11.00 – Windows Phone Xap

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