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[WP8.1] Fire Fu v1.1.0.2358 – Windows Phone Appx


Fire Fu v1.1.0.2358 – Windows Phone Appx

Patched Appxbundle

Legend has it that you are the chosen one. Become a master of Fire Fu and fulfil your destiny. Hordes of critters are advancing from the underworld and you are our last hope so wield your fire, FLAME UP and INCINERATE all that is before you to leave nothing but ASH! Discover and unlock the awesome power of magic potions to blast your way through in style. This is your time, take a deep breath and prepare for action because you’re about to become totally and utterly VOLCANIC!


Key Features:

Addictive and frenzied gameplay, requiring good reflexes, accuracy and strategy
Gorgeous HD hand-painted art
Multiple environments
Special weapons with brilliant effects

Windows Store

Download Appx : Fire Fu v1.1.0.2358 – Windows Phone Appx

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