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[WP8.1] Middleport v1.0.0.0 – Windows Phone Xap


Middleport v1.0.0.0 – Windows Phone Xap

Optimized Xap for 512 ram devices. Requires Wp8.1

A darkness has fallen over the once-sleepy seaside town of Middleport, and townspeople are mysteriously disappearing at an alarming rate! Reports of monster sightings, ghastly galleons and possessed artifacts have made their way to London; newspapers claim the town is haunted by an ancient curse! You’ve been summoned from London as an Inspector from the Royal Sociey of Skeptics to dispel the rumours that dark magic is afoot in Middleport. Uncover the true cause of the disturbances and track down the disappeared townspeople before darkness falls on Middleport forever!


Windows Market

Download Xap : Middleport v1.0.0.0 – Windows Phone Xap

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  1. is this the full version? i mean no need to buy it to unlock
    after playing a level?

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