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[WP8.1] Monster GO! v1.0.4.0 – Windows Phone Xap


Monster GO! v1.0.4.0 – Windows Phone Xap

Patched Xap

Let’s play, go in search of adventure monster characters in their mission to return stolen holy crown in their hometown, but it would never be easy.


-Choose From three different starting monsters. Each has a unique set of skills and style.

* Improved his skills *
-Ispytayte Next level infinite runner, upgrade your skills and drive monster, making it even stronger. More than 10 skills for each monster.

-Oborudovayte Weapons, armor, and accessories, to be even more prepared and you’ll be surprised how well can look your monster. It is much more fun with more than 150 items to choose from.

* Educational *
-Razvivayte Your monster into a more powerful form. By getting access to more skills and equipment.

* ADVANCED personalized experience *
-Delayte Choices to customize your monster. Skills, equipment, and components. You choose how you want to play!

* Classes MONSTERS *
-Choose Your monster class, each class has unique characteristics and style of the game

* Achievements and rewards *
-Play And kill as many enemies to earn points, coins and awards

* Skill Selection *
-Obnovlyayte Your active and passive skills, make your unique monsters with different abilities

* Over 150 items to be set *
-Odente His monster with collected coins with more than 150 items of armor, weapons and accessories

-Once Your monster will become stronger, you can increase the level with a wider selection of skills and items available

* Various stages and bosses *
-Pogruzites Adventure of 5 stages and defeat the 5 strongest bosses, fight with a variety of enemy characters to unlock an infinite mode

-Enjoy The history of monster characters as they make their way to the Dark Lord.

* Endless mode *
-Razblokiruyte Your journey in the endless mode, and fight more powerful enemies

** RUNNER-UP PRIZE ** «Indie Pitch Arena», Mobile Games Asia 2015

** PLEASE NOTE: The game “Monster GO!” a totally free, but it has the ability to commit in-game purchases. This feature can be disabled in the settings of your device.
Minor bug fix.
More updates coming soon!

Windows Mobile Store

Download Xap : Monster GO! v1.0.4.0 – Windows Phone Xap

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