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[WP8.1] Toca Kitchen 2 v2015.325.721.2404 – Windows Phone Appx


Toca Kitchen 2 v2015.325.721.2404 – Windows Phone Appx

Patched Appxbundle by Niraj

Your attention the continuation of an incredibly popular game Toca Kitchen! The Toca Kitchen 2 connoisseurs of culinary art await new guests, new dishes! We roll up your sleeves and get started!


Who said that the dishes should look perfect and have definitely given a taste? The Toca Kitchen you can cook 2 anything and somehow! Make a tower of tomatoes, hot salad, original burger. Come up with your own recipe – let your guests try something unique!

It includes six kitchen utensils – and you’re ready to create! Choose your favorite ingredients, do not forget to add a creative and original dish spice notes. And now is the time visitors to try your masterpiece! They delighted?

Monitor the reaction GUESTS
You can experiment with the preferences of your guests, watching their reaction. Approaching signature dish! Baked fish heads, the remains of yesterday’s potatoes and the juice from lettuce. How they did not like? And if you add a little more salt? What an exciting experience to watch their reaction!

Even more interesting! Now in your portfolio a few ingredients:

New Products!
– Chicken
– Shrimp
– Pineapple
– Corn
– Peach
– Strawberry
– Watermelon
– Bow
– Octopus
– Spaghetti
– Figure

New sauces!
– Ketchup
– Filling
– Soy sauce

It will be interesting to see how the heroes will have scalding hot sauce or sour lemon – and how they would react to unusual dishes.

In addition to all this – even more options for how the characters react! Now, if they do not like it, you will know exactly about this, looking at their face. We hope you enjoy the game!

Game description:
– New products in the refrigerator
– New visitors, for which you want to cook
– More rereadings from an emotions reaction guests
– New juicer and oven
– The deep fryer! Now you can deep-fry. How about fried peaches or spaghetti?
– There are no rules, no stress – only fun and a lot of fun for kids!
– No outside advertising
– There were no purchases from within the app

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Download Appx : Toca Kitchen 2 v2015.325.721.2404 – Windows Phone Appx

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