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[WP8] 8list for craigslist v1.0.0.0 – Windows Phone Xap


8list for craigslist v1.0.0.0 – Windows Phone Xap

Officially licensed Craigslist app for Windows Phone 8

Browse craigslist with the first officially-licensed app on Windows Phone!

8list provides the best viewing experience. No other app remembers which posts are new/seen/read like 8list does. You can create multiple different favorite lists to keep things organized. And hide posts that you don’t want to see again!


Features include…
– seen/read tracking
– find phone numbers and emails in post
– multiple favorite lists
– hiding posts
– search alerts
– pinning live tiles

SEEN/READ TRACKING: 8list visually identifies whether something is new, or if you’ve seen or read a post. Now you don’t have to remember whether you’ve seen a result before, since 8list remembers for you!

CONTACT INFO: 8list automatically aggregates all phone numbers and email addresses throughout the post into a single contact card for each post. Saving info to your contacts is just a click away.

FAVORITES: Postings can be added to multiple favorite lists. That means you could have a list for potential used cars, and a list of bicycles you’re looking at, and used televisions. Everything stays clean and organized!

HIDE POSTS: If you don’t want to see a post again, you can simply hide it. When the post appears in another search, it will be added to the bottom of the search results and will be faded out, so it stays out of your way.

SEARCH ALERTS: Want to be notified when something new is posted in a search? 8list can automatically notify you every 30 minutes via a toast notification and live tile, telling you how many new items there are.

PIN TO START: You can pin posts, favorite lists, and searches to your Start screen, providing instant access to the most important content!

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