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[WP8+] AC Pirates v1.0.0.0 – Xap for Windows Phone


AC Pirates v1.0.0.0 – Windows Phone Xap

Become one of the most feared pirates of the Caribbean in this exclusive Assassin’s Creed adventure on smartphones and tablets!

Play as Alonzo Batilla, a young and ambitious captain, a pirate eager to take on the fiercest of enemies…
Break all the rules, challenge empires and make your own fortune!

Windows market

Download Xap : AC Pirates v1.0.0.0 – Windows Phone Xap (1 Gb ram)

Original Xap :  AC Pirates v1.0.0.0 – Windows Phone Xap (1 Gb ram)

Download Xap : AC Pirates v1.0.0.0(512) – Windows Phone Xap  (512 ram) 

Download Xap : AC Pirates v1.0.0.0(512) – Windows Phone Xap  (512 ram) 

Download AC Pirates from Windows Store :

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  1. It crashes when open. Please Fix. lumia 830

  2. need a google drive mirror for 1gb version pls

  3. It still don’t work, when will you fix it?

  4. sir this game is crashing in my lumia 830
    please fix it….
    it needs an upgrade………

  5. Can’t deploy. SDK 8.1 shows Couldn’t load menifest or maybe invalid

  6. Can’t deploy this game in my phone, SDK 8.1 says “couldn’t load menifest file or maybe invalid”

  7. don’t work on lumia 535. Crashes before launch.

  8. don’t work in lumia 535. crashes before launch….

  9. sir this game not run in my nokia lumia 830
    i unlocked my phone and also have xap deployer

    tell me how to run it

    it crashed when im run it

  10. It crashes when I hit play :(

  11. So I downloaded and installed the xap from second 512mb link on Lumia 520. First time I load it, I can get in to the menu but as I hit play and the game starts to load it crashes. Loaded up the game once more, didn’t crash this time and got to play some. But after destroying my first ship and collecting the bounty it crashed (tutorial part). Tried that a second time and it also crashed.

    Just the make sure I have the right file. Because the filename from the file I downloaded (2nd 512mb link) is just “ac_pirates_1.0.0.0” not “ac_pirates_1.0.0.0(512)” so just checking if the links are not mixed up and i downloaded a 1gb version and that’s why it crashes. Can someone confirm the link is correct?

  12. Yes please, re-upload the 512RAM one to a different filehost. This one is super slow (takes of 2 hours) and keeps aborting

  13. Can you re-upload 512mb version of the game? I can’t download it because it’s too slow and the download abort itself…

  14. help me i am start the download but some time the speed not come please help me how to downloadn and please update 512 link

  15. Please help me someone i try to download the 512 ram but up to 100 the speed some time come and not please tell how to download when speed not come tell me

  16. i am try to download 512 link and i am start download that come upto 100 mb than the speed not come please tell how to download please update the link sir and have you other download tell me please

  17. is there going to be 512 ram working version?

  18. it doesnt work on lumia 520, it crashes on the loading screen or in the first cinematic

  19. it doesn´t work on lumia 520, i select play, but it crashes on the loading screen

  20. mirror link for 512Mb please

  21. the link is in Chinese language!!can someone help me wid d download link???

  22. Works perfectly on my Lumia 520 worked very smoothly and I have gets some achievements also…cool game….!!!

  23. still crashing, but now after first mission

  24. 512MB user overhere : nokia lumia 620

    i make it work once by turn off internet and using workaround. but as soon as i open audio game crashed. you may can make it work by
    1.turn off battery saver.
    2.open the games , press play.
    3.wait for loading,
    3.1 when loading meter reach higher press home button then press back button. this must be complete immediately

    but as far as i can tell. it doesn’t work. so you better continued make more patch and don’t use fshare EVER.

  25. Hei Admin, i have modified wmapp manifest file and played this game just now in my lumia 520, its work at the begining, till i get my first achievement, but when i choose map of the game suddenly crashing, whats wrong with game ?

    • Hey ! can you please help me ? how do i modify that file ? i open it but don’t understand a word, lol
      is there any site/page which can help me ?

  26. Not working on my Nokia Lumia 1520 cyan. Crashes right after launching.

  27. cant deploy. give us mirror link

  28. does it work on lumia 520?

  29. could you add a mirror for 512mb version please?

  30. Not working on my lumia 1520 cyan. Crashes right after launching

  31. when 512mb patch comes?

  32. crashing after the first level loaded – Lumia 520 (yeah, i’ve managed to patch it to the 512 mb devices, but it’s not working :( )

  33. doesnt work on lumia 630 , crashes right after launching the game

  34. pls mirror to mediafire or fire drive pls …

  35. didn’t work on lumia 1520 cyan

  36. does this work on 512mb? cause i used to play this on my single core iphone 4….

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