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[WP8] The Amazing SpiderMan v1.1.0.0 (512 + 1GB Ram) – Windows Phone XAP


The Amazing SpiderMan v1.1.0.0 (Patched) – Windows Phone XAP

This is Patched wp8 Xap only for 512 Ram devices with reduced graphics for smooth play. Fully patched version for other devices is here

Requirements – Developer unlocked Windows 8 phone (512 Ram)

Clean out the thugs and super-villains from NYC in this Super Hero journey.Get ready for intense web-slinging action with The Amazing Spider-Man! Join Spidey in the official game app of this highly anticipated 2012 blockbuster! Play through the movie storyline as Spider-Man faces off against the Lizard and rampaging gangs. Web-sling and crawl your way through an open, fully 3D New York while using your amazing skills to save the city.

Patched gameplay video on lumia 520: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XTEPWWlpIKc THE OFFICIAL GAME OF 2012’s HIGHLY AWAITED SUPER HERO BLOCKBUSTER • Fight the Lizard and his minions to put a stop to his dark schemes. • Play The Amazing Spider-Man through more than 25 immersive missions inspired by the upcoming movie’s storyline. • Climb, jump and web-sling from building to building for an aerial thrill like never before! FREE NEW YORK CITY • Explore the city through its five distinctive districts (Central Park, Business, Downtown, Pier and Residential) • An exciting and enjoyable fighting system with melee, ranged, combo attacks and much more • A wide selection of upgrades to customize your style, attacks and skills A HIGH PRODUCTION-VALUE GAME • Explore an open-world Manhattan, teeming with action. Discover random missions, collectibles and more secrets in the City that Never Sleeps! • Fight in a fully 3D New York City with cutting-edge graphics. • Advanced shaders and visual effects make Spider-Man more realistic than ever before!

Windows Market

512 ram version (low graphics)

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  1. Oh man! Graphics are too poor and it lags too much in L640. Not even able to play on full screen by hiding on screen keys.

  2. new mirrors added

  3. keeps crashing

  4. When i download xap from this site and try to install on my phone, i get the error message “cant install company app” . Also when i try to install using the install local app option in the store, it does not show up in the list. How do i fix this?

  5. links not working :(

  6. pls help it doesnt install

  7. i hv alrdy installed more than 2 apps and moved to sd card and then i removed it
    now i wnt to install spidee game but it says this app can be deployed on sd card only.
    any hel plz

  8. dear admin
    first of all thanx for this website
    but there are some problems which are needed to be resolved
    1. thefilebay is under maintaince for long time
    2. baidu uses temporary links to download and don’t allow file resuming whichmakes it difficult to download big files
    3. please upload working links for ac altair chronicles and amazing spiderman for 512mb ram devices

  9. uhh damn!!don’t put the files in MEGAwebsite….it’s hard to download :/

  10. please give some other link

  11. Will I will get achievements on Lumia 520

  12. does the spiderman 2 orks on l520

  13. Hey I’m using Lumia 520 I installed the game but when I press play game it crashes and close please help man I have 900mb free after installing what can I do to play it. Please reply man im eagerly waiting to play it.

  14. Taufik Hidayat

    Please remove Mirror link. two mirrors link in your post is for 1GB RAM (4share-china) and you put the link in mirror for 512MB RAM too. remove it. mirror link not work for 512MB RAM

  15. yandex link nt working!!!!!!!

  16. Ydisk access blocked

  17. Thanks bro !! Work smoothly on my L520 with wp 8.1 ! Although the graphics was decreased

  18. amazing spiderman for 1gb???? link mega removed. plis for 1gb

  19. cant deploy bcuz of low phone space in htc 8s
    anyway to deploy directly to sd card

  20. it’s not showing up in sd card in store please help me with this in L520 wp8.0

  21. my phone is not even identify the file in sd card option in store in L520 wp8.0

    please help

  22. plz can someone upload it on ydisk or any site bcause I cant download it with mega

  23. Will it work on WP8.1

  24. please help me man why when i press on new game is start loading then it crashes ? please please please reply

  25. kimig p george

    i cant install on the lumia520..its showing the game is notavalable..plz help me

    • here’s the trick…download spiderman and splinter cell……….try deploying spiderman using the application deployment when it shows any error message , change directory, select splinter cell and deploy………disconnect ur phone and spiderman will be installed.

  26. any way to cheat?

  27. i can’t install to my L520

  28. I have downloaded the game from the ling given
    Can somebody please tell me the steps to get the game on my windows phone Lumia 520

  29. i installed this game or deployed this game but its not showing me on my lumia 620 in the game list….
    so wat could be the error.. ???

  30. I use Lumia 520 and I used this xap. Deployed fine, but with one drawback : Spiderman looks black in some places, not red and blue. Reduced graphics make this game less fun, but to such extent. Is it happening for all or just me?

  31. Porque não tem pessoas nem carros?

  32. Mission Related: How would i clear the mission “Impress Gwen Stacy”. The third challenge in that stage is dodge 10 obstacles and as the game is patched there are no cars and no obstacles.. Please reply!! :)

    • Locate some area where there are staircases. Its somewhere close to the main bridge in NY (dunno its name, sorry). Sprint straight towards it and Spiderman will jump over it and it would get counted as a dodged obstacle.
      Repeat as many times as required.

  33. dear dir,
    when i try to deploy another application it show error that UNABLE TO install application. The maximum number of developer application on this phone has been reached. Please uninstall a developer application and try again.

  34. file is in zip how to convert it into xap….I cant able to devlope plz help me…..

  35. What is developer unlock phone
    How can I unlock my phone

    • Developer unlocking means to allow your phones to install developed or cracked apps or some 3rd party apps.There are 2 of the most known ways of doing this :

      1.Normal unlocking.But it has some drawbacks.Only 2apps will be allowed at the same time.But its free
      To do it,refer to this thread :http://winphonehub.org/tutorials/unlock-windows-phone-without-developer-account/

      2.Student account.it will let you install over 1apps at a time.But currently the servers are down i think.But you can still have one by donating 10$ in this website.For more info on that contact Admin

      Hope these above information helped :)


  36. how i can have student developer? please help me

  37. is this game play in nokia lumia 520…???

  38. please tall me where that games saves on phone memory if sd card memory

  39. Graphics are fine..! Great job man…

  40. it gives error during installation
    deployment optimization failed with error x20d74422. If the problem continues restart your phone and retry
    i have lumia 720 with student developer unlocked. pls help

  41. error..it says maximum no. of installed developer apps reached

  42. there is a problem when i try to deploy it says therer is a error with WMAppManifest.xml

  43. Download no more than 13% and it is with terrible speed, but other links megaupload function normally … Would it be possible repost or otherwise post on another server. Thank you and congratulations for the great work

  44. so will it work on lumia 720 ?
    i mean have you tested this in your lumia 620 admin ??

      • it works great… without any lag..
        but i have only one issue.. why the graphics have been soo much degraded :/ i mean the buildings r appering like they have been draw with the ms paint :p i dont think gpu is the issue.. its adreno 305 and its good..
        so can u guys plzz updrade the graphics a bit.. so that it both works and looks nice also =D

        anyways thanks a lot for making windows android in terms of………. =P

  45. please give a resumable link.. so we can enjoy the downloading on slow speed… :-)

  46. Hi,
    I have the following error :

    Error – Deployment optimization failed due to an invalid assembly.
    Rebuild your source projects and try again.


  47. Please reduce the graphics of temple run oz too to make it playable on Lumia 520

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