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[WP8] Arrival 3D v1.6.0.2 – Windows Phone Xap


Arrival 3D v1.6.0.2 – Windows Phone Xap

Wp8 patched Xap

Take control of the most advanced fighter developed with alien technology to reclaim the Earth from the hands of the Helter invaders in this amazing 3D shooter game. Watch the story unfold with its beautifully rendered 3D animations and professional voice actors. arrival3d1 Fight the enemies in many worlds, ranging from the Earth’s mountains and deserts to the depths of space, and in the end battle your way to victory on the alien home world with its strange cities and volcanoes. You can use upgrades and power-up’s to improve your ship.

Arrival 3D Features: STUNNING GRAPHICS -3D rendered animations for intro and cutscenes like you see on PC and Console Games -many unique levels ranging from beautiful forests, deserts, and volcanoes to icy worlds, breathtaking space sceneries, and an amazing alien city -over 35 unique 3D ships -weather and special effects such as rain, snow, clouds, dust storms, 3D particle explosions, and light rays IMMERSIVE GAME PLAY -intuitive controls -upgrade screen for upgrading your ship during game play -unique enemies and bosses with different attack patterns and abilities -unique weapons ranging from bullets to guided missiles and lasers -power-up’s

Additional Features: -voice acting: every line from the game is narrated -online hall of fame -PLAY ALL YOU CAN in one separate game play mode with random generated space play and separate screen score. See if you can beat the highest scores! -immersive music -a tribute to “shoot ’em up” classics like 1942, Raptor or Tyrian Game Ratings: PEGI – 3, CSRR – General. [NON-IMPORTANT] Update v. – You now start with 6 lives. UPDATE v. * The player is able to shoot guided missles. Also, a new type of weapon added and new upgrade that increases fire range. For feedback please email us since we can’t reply to comments. Please let us know if the game is too easy, just right or too hard.

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Download Xap : Arrival 3D v1.6.0.2 – Windows Phone Xap

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