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[WP8] Blitz Brigade v1.3.1.6 – Windows Phone Xap


Blitz Brigade v1.3.1.6 – Windows Phone Xap

Wp8 & 8.1 Patched Xap. Works on 512 ram. Thanks to avargin for testing :P

You ready for the gun show? Axis or Allies, victory or defeat, mayo or mustard… All will be decided in the ultimate FPS showdown: Blitz Brigade!

Become one of five highly skilled and totally badass classes and team up with other players to pound your enemies into the dirt and call them mean names.


Lock ‘n’ load for team-based FPS mayhem!

√ Up to 12 players can battle at the same time
√ 5 classes: Soldier, Gunner, Medic, Sniper, Stealth
√ Control the battlefield in Domination mode
√ Frag everyone in sight in Deathmatch
√ Use 3 different vehicles for a tactical advantage
√ Over 100 weapons, each made for a specific class
√ Unique taunts and kill phrases for each character
√ Voice Chat to plan in real time with teammates

√ Complete 120 unique missions
√ Learn to master each class’s specialized skills
√ Pilot a helicopter and rain death from above
√ Hop into a Tank to steamroll the enemy

War just got a whole lot crazier!

This app allows you to purchase virtual items within the app and may contain third-party advertisements that may redirect you to a third-party site.

Windows Market

Download Xap : Blitz Brigade v1.3.1.6 – Windows Phone Xap

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  1. can anybody provide me direct download link. i unable to download when i press download button nothing is happen plzzz provide me direct download link thank you

  2. hey admin i beg u i really want to play this game plzzz update download link it doesnt work. plzzz

  3. Plz plz plz fastly update this game . Plz plz z

  4. Update pls :'(

  5. plz update it as soon as possible… n thanks

  6. The cloudru link is not working. There’s a problem in the file. It doesn’t download. Tried in chrome browser and IE.

  7. Hello please, upload game to other cloud :/ This not working (download) for me and my friends

  8. this game stucked on update screen please reedit its code
    to bypass update check screen

  9. pelase upgrade cant paly

  10. please update

  11. please update to blitz brigade latest version i cant play it it stuck on update screen .

  12. Can you reupload? The link crashed… :(

  13. link chrashed. reupload please.

  14. Link Crashed! re- upload please!!!!!

  15. Does here anyone can download from cloud.mail.ru using mobile?
    Please reply
    I can’t download from cloud.mail.ru
    When i click on the download.

  16. Plz add mirror link. Plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz………

  17. Please someone can re upload, I really want this game, I can’t download with the link in the description, It says error 404

  18. error 404 can not download

  19. Russian Interceptor

    625 will work? After that install?

  20. Link Crashed! re- upload please :(

  21. this game its suck , work fine in first run on 620 but afther i play it online and enter without any error connection but the bug is when i play online , exit aut from game and my phone freeze , i love this game plz re-patched it to work fine .

  22. failed to connect Error 1 please help…….

  23. “Failed to connec terror code: 1- success “. please help me !!!!

  24. Lumia 520 Ok !!

  25. plz add torrent link

  26. This game size is pretty big. Please add a torrent link please!!!

  27. Error code 1-success while logging in

  28. provide an alternate link for this

  29. when i download it shows a zip file…how can i download the patched xap ??

  30. When I try to develop on my Lumia 620 it said
    cap invalid

  31. will it work on 512ram ?

  32. and need~2,3GB memory for install

  33. lumia 520: long installing…but…ITS WORK!!!

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