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[WP8] Cat Story v1.2.9.0 – Windows Phone Xap


Cat Story v1.2.9.0 – Windows Phone Xap

Unlocked Xap for wp8 & wp8.1

“Cat Story” is a fascinating adventure under the hot tropical sun in the company of kind, fluffy animals. A shipwreck brings the characters to a lost island in the ocean, where they must start a new life, one that is interesting, comfortable, and eventful.

One day you will wake up on soft sand of a shore of an unknown sea, under the shade of a tree that you’ve never seen before. You will feel that everything has changed, and so did you. Surprisingly, you will see that you have paws instead of hands, a furry tail in the back and on your face (rather on your snout), a pair of whiskers! So begins “Cat Story”!


You will need to:
* find out where you are
* get accustomed to your new home
* find your lost friends
* meet the aborigines
* unveil all the local secrets (there are a lot of them!)
* receive sacral knowledge
* get back at your enemies
* and come back home… If you are still going to want to.

Only in this game you will feel yourself be:
* A pioneer of unknown lands, a hero of a Jules Verne novel
* An owner of a dozen coolest cats in the world
* A wizard, that can turn Evil Spirits to good
* A skilled leader of a team that is building a beautiful and cozy village
* A great detective on an exciting investigation, on which lives depend (and not only those of cats!)
* A farmer, who can feed all of his/her friends with what is grown in the garden
* A diplomat, who can iron out any type of a situation with any type of species (did you really think that the island is inhabitable and there is no one but cats on it?)
* An engineering genius, who develops amazing…. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves, you will soon find out for yourself.
* Vivid colors; characters that come alive with just one touch and who will be your true close friends; an exciting plot; and an incredible compilation of several game genres. You haven’t played anything like this!

Do you want to try?

Windows Market

Download Xap : Cat Story v1.2.9.0 – Windows Phone Xap

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