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[WP8] Cortana's Guide v2.0.0.1 – Windows Phone Xap


Cortana’s Guide v2.0.0.1 – Windows Phone Xap

Free app by Indie developer Gautam Kabiraj

The ultimate guide to use Cortana, describing all Cortana’s features, settings and interrogative + humorous questions in details. This guide will not only help users who are new to Cortana but also experienced users to discover a lot of questions and hidden settings. New questions are added in every update and can be found in “newly added questions” link of “ask her” section in the app itself.



✔ In-depth instructions for absolute beginners
✔ Basic commands listed to learn quickly
✔ All Cortana’s Notebook explained in detail
✔ Questions of all sorts to ask Cortana listed categorically
✔ 380 questions and counting…
✔ The guide can read for you (text-to-speech)
✔ No ads at all!
✔ How to get WP8.1 Developer Preview explained
✔ How to get Cortana in non-US countries explained
✔ New questions are added in every update
✔ Promised frequent updates

★★★ FEEDBACK ★★★

If in doubt, mail me for quick response:
[email protected]

Please note that you won’t get anything less in trial vesion than the full version. You can buy the app if you appreciate my work so that I can continue developing it further.

✔ major UI changes
✔ pages load faster (faster transition)
✔ white text color (user’s choice)
✔ font size increased (user’s choice)
✔ “important guides” section added
✔ “get WP8.1 Dev Preview” further detailed (step-by-step)
✔ “get cortana in non-US countries” further detailed (step-by-step)
✔ 26 new commands added
✔ “quick links” added
✔ “submit questions” moved in sub-categories due to accidental taps
✔ 21 pages revised (quotes exchanged by bold letters)
✔ “BUY NOW” option added
✔ description added in “about” page
✔ image files re-optimized (saved around 1300KB)
✔ “read” button in “turn on cortana” fixed
✔ action bar now hides automatically on navigation
✔ added option to see features of next update
….and a lot more, I most probably forgot ^_^!

-repeated questions removed: 5
-new questions added: 15
-new commands added: 8
-“GET WINDOWS PHONE 8.1 DEV PREVIEW” highly detailed
-“GET CORTANA OUTSIDE USA” higly detailed
-updated “your turn”

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