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[WP8] DeProfundis: Requiem v1.1.0.0 – Windows Phone Xap


DeProfundis: Requiem v1.1.0.0 – Windows Phone Xap

Unlocked For all regions. Optimized Xap for 512 ram devices

Have you ever wanted to play a true hack’n slash on your device ?
Ever think an independent developer could create a dungeon crawler with the soul of Diablo and a deep, engaging storyline linked to a popular book series? Enjoy DeProfundis from developer Thecle with story written by popular horror author, J.C. Noir.

The land of Quelram, deep in the foothills of Oz, is facing a new threat. Someone has unlocked Pandora’s Box from the labyrinths deep beneath the center of Oz, unleashing demons, zombies, and nightmares into the dungeons under Quelram. You are the captain of the guard and last line of defense for the city. You must discover what happened to the King you swore your service to before Pandora’s Box unveils an entity that could destroy OZ altogether,,,
Explore massive randomly choosed dungeons, random collectable loot, and tons of player abilities with a storyline ripped right out of J.C. Noir’s upcoming novel Shattered Oz.

– Changed quality settings to avoid lose of resolution
– Fixed some particles
– Tried to fix N820 display but (not easy without N820 ;)

Windows Market

Download Xap : DeProfundis: Requiem v1.1.0.0 – Windows Phone Xap

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  1. please re upload

  2. DL links are dead… admin please reupload and if possible update….

    Thanks for your uploads ;)

  3. Cheat – 99999999 Skill points

    1) Get UnityPlayer.upp
    2) Open with Hexeditor
    3) Go to 000001c0h and change last 3 bit to FF E0 F5
    4) Go to 000001d0h and change first bit to 05
    5) Replace UnityPlayer.upp and enjoy

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