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[WP8] Excalibur v0.1.9.0 – Windows Phone Xap


Excalibur v0.1.9.0 – Windows Phone Xap

Excalibur for windows phone, Cracked Xap for all regions

First captured the Chinese App Store’s strong NO.1 phone fighting game!
20 million players favorite, 2013’s most popular mobile game King of Fighters, not to be missed!
Perfectly restored arcade fighting experience, most fresh blow cool feeling! No consumption skills, spike big move, full attack, unprecedented fun experience, you can not stop playing!

Four professional strengths, overbearing fearless warrior, a sly assassin walk coquettish, group hurt Master tons injury, injury control Smart Ranger Almighty!
Hundreds battle makes you cool earthshaking, unlimited arena PK, 1v1, 2v2 you choose! Legion war 15V15 group p scuffle, creating the strongest hand travel PK mode!
√ King of Fighters tour hands, perfect reproduction of the arcade experience!
√ 0 consumed skills, fighting never cold field, enjoy unlimited spike pleasure!
√ four occupation, war tactics bow thief cooperation, fighting fun
√ cool artifact, personalized elves, expert inter-service challenges, more new 15 V 15 team battles lead times.

Trailer :


[Game Features]

★ Full HD true Diablo style exquisite hand travel
★ 360 ° arcade joystick four major skill sets infinite combo
★ 7 * 24 without interruption PK 1V1 2V2 15V15 optional Xpress
★ combat fighting experience a sense of the broken bone knife handle perfect host PK
★ 0 consume all the skills needed to consider only the efficiency of the massacre
★ Hundreds battle to create a copy of God installed after blasting BOSS
★ 100% successful bid farewell to strengthen pit father enhanced probability
★ gem grade whole inheritance to build a facelift to worry about
★ no card of any network 2G, 3G, wifi play anywhere to cool
★ Ultra Low Flow enjoy one day of fighting Jin Shuang

Windows Market

Download Xap : Excalibur v0.1.9.0 – Windows Phone Xap

To install without unlocking device change region to china and download from market

Qr code:


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