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[WP8+] Gravity Guy 2 Xap – v1.0.0.0 for Windows Phone

Gravity Guy 2 Xap – v1.0.0.0 for Windows Phone

Gravity Guy 2 Xap – THE LONG AWAITED SEQUEL TO ONE OF OUR MOST SUCCESSFUL GAMES IS FINALLY HERE! GET READY FOR GRAVITY GUY 2!★ STORY ★In a world where gravity laws were broken, a brave guy was held captive for rebelling and defying the rules! Being the first one ever to rise against the system, he found himself in danger, and in need to run for his life.However, after being relentlessly chased down by the Gravity Troops, our hero was finally captured and beamed up to a space ship, only to find a terrifying truth: they were going to clone him.As an evil plan to organize dangerous races across Gravity Guy’s once free world, his DNA was collected and the cloning process began. Along with our hero, other inhabitants were also cloned, so that every time someone loses, the race can be restarted.★ ABOUT THE GAME ★

Our brave Guy now finds himself on top of towers running for his life, jumping from one platform to another, while avoiding many hazards placed across his path. Just tap the button on the right side of the screen to raise the lifts and on the right to perform a jump – which will definitely come in handy!

There are 7 different clones to be used, each with its own special abilities:
Neon, Troop, Girl, Slim, Beast, Mech and Beauty!

Collect coins and earn points in order to unlock new power slots, and level up to get bonuses. Choose the power up you want in your next level! You can use the coins to purchase the power supplies in the shop!


★ Amazing HD graphics
★ Simple two-button tap controls
★ Interactive tutorial to learn how to play
★ Fast and fun gameplay
★ 7 Different characters to choose from
★ Fully stocked shop and many power ups
★ Stats on the profile – keep track of your progress

Windows Market

Download Xap : Gravity Guy 2 Xap v1.0.0.0 – Windows Phone

Gravity Guy 2
Gravity Guy 2
Developer: Miniclip SA
Price: unknown

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  1. Patched game archive Link is broken :(

  2. cool this new patched wp8 exclusive game just deployed on my lumia 920 and it worked perfectly well….. and all the wp8 games are patched cant wait to download them all… and ya its a full version.. thanx admin you have really done something great…:)

  3. Updated patched wp8 unlocked Xap

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