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[WP8] GTA San Andreas Optimized graphics edition for 512Ram devices (Lumia 520, 620 & 625)


GTA San Andreas  Optimized graphics edition for 512Ram devices

New Optimized Xap  for low end devices running aderno 2.0 ( (Lumia 520, 620 & 625))

other devices can also use this to get better frame rate 

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas requires an additional 1GB download. Please make sure you have access to a Wi-Fi Access Point, and that your device is plugged into a power source until the download is complete.


Five years ago, Carl Johnson escaped from the pressures of life in Los Santos, San Andreas, a city tearing itself apart with gang trouble, drugs and corruption. Where filmstars and millionaires do their best to avoid the dealers and gangbangers.

Now, it’s the early 90’s. Carl’s got to go home. His mother has been murdered, his family has fallen apart and his childhood friends are all heading towards disaster.

On his return to the neighborhood, a couple of corrupt cops frame him for homicide. CJ is forced on a journey that takes him across the entire state of San Andreas, to save his family and to take control of the streets.

Gameplay Video –

Rockstar Games brings its biggest release to mobile yet with a vast open-world covering the state of San Andreas and its three major cities – Los Santos, San Fierro and Las Venturas – with enhanced visual fidelity and over 70 hours of gameplay.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas features:
• Remastered, high-resolution graphics built specifically for mobile including lighting enhancements, an enriched color palette and improved character models.
• Dual analog stick controls for full camera and movement control.
• Three different control schemes and customizable controls with contextual options to display buttons only when you need them.
• Tailor your visual experience with adjustable graphic settings

Languages Supported: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Russian and Japanese.

Windows Market

Download Main Xap(512 ram) : GTA San Andreas Optimized graphics edition (New Repatch)

Optimized Cache Pack 

Download Main Xap(19 mb) : GTA San Andreas Optimized graphics edition for 512Ram devices (Lumia 520, 620 & 625)

Main Cache Game data(~1 GB) :  Win8MainData.o​bb (Slightly better graphics) or Win8MainData.o​bb (1.4 gb)

Trimmed graphics,  video resolutions reduced. Suitable for lumia 520, 620, 720, 625

Patched Cache Data : Win8PatchData.​obb

Note – Bot main and patch data obb files go into root/shared of isolated storage of gta. Check below image


Trick to unlock full game –

100% savegame.rar

How to add saves:

1) Open the WP Power Tools
2) Open the “isolated storage”
3) earmark Gta San Andreas
4) Press “Put file”
5) add a file save previously unpacked it from the archive
6) Run the game and rejoice

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No comments

  1. I want to download but please fix the broken link

  2. plz make a video and upload it how to install game using wppt

  3. how to install

  4. Ashish Vishwakarma

    IT works great on my Lumia 530 Dual sim!! thanks guys!!

  5. Does it work in Lumia 720? Cause I tried many times but the 1Gb download does not finish… It always stops in a point

  6. it Crashes cant play

  7. gangster ghetto superstar

    can you help me please i dont undrstand this i have 625.. i dont even know anything

  8. please fix links , i cant downloads

  9. Nokia Lumia 520

  10. I want to Download it but how, I just can’t in my Nokia lumia 630 :'(

  11. For me the wppt is not installing on my computer. So I accessed the isolated storage of my sd card by putting into an android phone. It was successful and I found SanAndreas app box via wp system/app data/{co11568d-1578-4doa-bicc-9ab7daf58681}/shared.

    I put the obb files here. But the game is not working in my wp. Still showing 0% download

  12. Thanks , works very fine .

    P.D: Lumia 630 have 512mb ram but have a quad-core cpu. In lumia 630 don’t need a optimization or patch .
    more easy . Download the main (20mb) and wait the download in phone and play.

    Sorry i don’t speak english , im from spain.


  13. i dont have a sound how to fix.Please helpppp

  14. hey hi admin i downloaded all the 2.5 gb files from the link those are
    these all but when i start the game it shows only 44%
    plz any solutions i require it a lot your help is appreciable.

  15. how to install obb files? i have put it into shared folder but still asking for download at 0 percent

  16. “Optimized Cache Pack” off download!!

  17. Hello again. Sorry to ask, but when I try to run Windows Phone Power Tools, it says “The application requires that assembly Microsoft.SmartDevice.Connectivity Version be installed in the Global Assembly Cache (GAC) first.” Can I have help. cause I really want GTA on my phone.

  18. Links don’t work. All it does is lead me to a white, blank screen. Can I have help please?

  19. Need new mirror for the download!
    the link available doesn’t let me finish my download!
    always get connection error

  20. Please help me, I’ve put Optimized Cache Pack 1.4GB size and Win8PatchData.obb to the shared folder, but why still asking for download via WiFi again?

    Please the solution…

  21. Does the optimized data works without crash in 512mb devices? Please tell me

  22. Please help keep crashing when returning from funeral I.e 1st mission on my Lumia 520

  23. Hello, i use lumia 1020, it’s works, but where i can find a save game? I tried a ios save game, but there was a some bugs. Sorry about my bad english

  24. Bawonk bimmo stiawan

    hi my admin please help me why I was told to download the data that is lacking in this gta game ???
    I beg ya update admin

  25. This xap is fixed? It’s working?

  26. Link for savegame is down… UP !

  27. The link for the savegame is down ! UP please

  28. Please somebody help, i am not able to download external data over wifi, it is always showing error that “Game Data Download Error”.What should i do now???? :(

  29. link patch data .obb not working, fix please

  30. please fix patch data obb file link

  31. patch data .obb link not working

  32. Please re-add the 1GB main data obb. The one with 1.7GB eats up my memory so I don’t have enough ram to use.

  33. Please re-add the 1GB main data obb. The one with 1.7GB eats up my memory so I don’t have enough ram to play with.

  34. Please help. I put in the obb files, but I still have to download the 2.5 gb download. I think I put the files in the wrongs spot. Please help.

  35. link not working

  36. soumajit biswas

    i installed the 512mb ram patched xap and obb in my 1gb ram device and it is running smoothly

  37. Crashes on Lumia 520 WP8.1 Developer Preview. Works for about 1-2 minutes on everything low then crashes :'( Any fixes ?

  38. So, how can i install this? Install main xap, then what to do with the other 1gb for lumia 620?

    Thank you.

  39. soumajit biswas

    i have downloaded all the 12 obb file includind maindata.obb(1.7gb) and mainpatch.obb now what to do plz say

  40. Opitimized graphic data download link is dead. Please fix it.

  41. Idk what i am doing wrong….I used wppt to deploy app, and placed the extra obb files in the shared folder. Still when i start the game, it says, downloading files keep your device plugged in until download completes…what the heck is this?
    I have placed the obb, yet it asks to download…i used the 1.7 gb pack for my lumia 520.
    anyone else with the same problem? if yes, pls tell how to fix.

    • Oops, i placed in shared folder, i had to place obb outside it…btw the 1gb fully tuuuned obb is not available, says uploader might’ve removed.
      Pls reupload, coz the 1.7 gb one crashes most of the time.
      Also, is there an available torrent?

  42. I tried the 1.7 GB one, but it’s stil crashing

  43. Fix the link please

  44. Main Cache Game data(~1 GB) : Win8MainData.o​bb (Fully tuuned)

    hello please new link to this FAST PLEASEE!!

  45. the 13mb crashes on L520 wp8.1 and plz fixed the maindata.obb

  46. Data obb that 1gb limit already, please upload again or updated please

  47. can somebody help me how to install plz plz plz plz ! i have dev unlocked lumia i need to know how to use the patch data and the Main Cache Game data(~1.7 GB) plz! help!

  48. new link Main Cache Game data(~1 GB) : Win8MainData.o​bb (Fully tuuned)

    and fixed app 13mb this xap wouldn’t like open

  49. Can i play gta san andreas on lumia 630?? PLz help, i’m planning to buy lumia 630 only if these sorts of games are playable.

  50. can gta san andreas can be played on Lumia 520
    I download gta san andreas Optimized graphics and data pack for low end devices
    but I cant install it
    I don’t know how to install it

  51. cant deploy 19 mb optimized graphics edition on lumia 625.show an error deployment optimiation failed with error….unable to read input file
    i hav unlocked my L625 using Windows Phone Developer Registration Tool.

  52. Does the 1.7 gig cache works on Lumia 520 or do I have to play it without sound? Also can I play the missions or not?

  53. please fix link :(

  54. the xap cannot even be opened on my wp8.1 lumia 620, which is already dev unlocked. Is it just my own problem ?

  55. Please, somebody tell me how to unlock wp 8.1 :(

  56. the 13 mb crashes on NL520 running WP8.1 help plz

  57. Cant download from yadisk Limit reached. Please upload to other like Mediafire

  58. Link (Fully Tuned .obb) is dead. Please fix it. Thank you already!

  59. I have nokia Lumia 520 and I want to know what xap to download the 13 mb one or the 19 mb ?

  60. New repatched xap link not working redirecting to old xap link

  61. I can’t download main Obb file from yandisk because it’s over file exceed!! please split it into multi small files !! Thanks in advanced!

    • Important –
      If u receive limit reached message while downloading. Create a yandex account and save it to your ydisk and download

      (copied from the article)

  62. i wait long enough.plz tell me when you will fix slightly version link. it’s still broken.

  63. Okay, I’ve managed to play for one hour before the first crash (not missions, missions still crash). Disable all live tiles, turn on airplane mode, drive slowly when on a vehicle… That’s it.

  64. Because links are down, here are some mirrors:

    Download Main Xap(19 mb/Lumia 520, 620 & 625/512mb RAM): http://www.rodfile.com/ho7unyzqc47u

    Main Cache Game data(~1 GB) : Win8MainData.obb

    Patch Data : Win8PatchData

  65. There is no save option is coming for this yandex site. please uploader upload it to another
    site or please re upload it so that we can download it coz its download limit reached max.. thankyou..

  66. There is no save option is coming for this yandex site. please uploader upload it to another

  67. Still crashes. Fully tuned version not working, even after reinstalled it, with 100% save state. Lumia 625 WP 8.1. Any ideas?

  68. yo hablo español… bueno admin una pregunta que solucion hay cuando el juego se cierra luego de un minuto porfavor explicame detalladamente gracias nokia lumia 520

    I speak Spanish … good admin a question that no solution when the game closes after a minute please explain to me in detail thanks

  69. Nao conseguir instalar no nokia lumia 520

    faz tutu ensinando

  70. Admin please reply what all softwares do I need to install WP Power Tools? I’ve been asking repeatedly, please reply :(
    I’ve Windows phone SDK lite. What else do I need?

      • Thanks for reply!
        Do you know if it’ll work for Windows 8?

        • I had to restore my PC due to some software issues. Now I’m in the same situation here… Earlier it worked well for me though but I remember it was Visual Studio 2012

          • EDIT: Now its working fine :)

            @ Shubham :I think just figured out the issue. It works with Visual Studio 2010 if you’ve Windows 7 32/64 bit. Otherwise it will fail and throw an error something like GCC parsing failed and even if you install the cracked version of WPPower Tools (which passes the global Assembly check, it still won’t work). So I’d say install Visual Studio 2012 for WP SDK full version first. I worked for me.
            Although, the game still crashes after1-2 mins of play no matter how many changes you make in settings…

          • @wp8hub Yeah it must work because many people have already reported it worked for them and even it worked for me too. But now after the restore I don’t know what went wrong and had to install VS2012 to make it work (I threw me error to install VS2012)… Any way at least its working fine now! And again I would say, this game is too huge which runs on multiple resources and cannot be optimized by individual basis unless Rockstar releases a 512mb version themselves… I tried to contact them over Twitter, E-mail but they are unresponsive as hell…

  71. I have download gta sa 512 ram but how to install. On mobile Lumia 520

  72. some body help it is not working…i am using lumia 520,it runs but crashes after some time

  73. Installed and running smoothly….
    But Crashed after 1 Minute of play….Using Lumia 520…..
    Can some one help me to Play long…without crash?

    • same of mine

      • I tried all possible tweaks…
        Such as no live tiles, flight mode, restart, battery savery, lowest graphics etc…everything possible…with 3 gb phone space free…
        But just crash in 1 minute…
        I think its some fault in xap…that eating much Ram…

  74. bhai game download nahi ho rahi h yendex wale page pe aakar download wala option pe click hi nhi ho raha mjhe reply kro bro plzzzzzzzz

  75. http://www.subeimagenes.com/img/asadsdas-928700.jpg

    Why WP Power Tools dosent detect my phone? please help!

  76. it does not work, it still crashes during the first mission :(

  77. Can someone please tell me what softwares exactly do I need to install WP Power Tools???
    I’ve a Windows 8.1 PC (2gb of ram)
    I’ve Windows Phone 8 SDK lite. What version of visual studio do I need? I can’t figure out out :(
    Please post links for downloads of possible!

  78. the links are Exceeded the limit man..? can you fix that.. :D
    thank you

  79. i have deployed gta 19mb
    then use wppt and put it in isolated > gta > shared
    and when i start the game it says if i want to resume download!! what should i do??
    in the shared folder there is Media, Shell content and transfers

  80. Hi,
    I fully installed this app:
    1. Install .xap file by WPPT
    2. Put into root Win8MainData.o​bb (Fully tuuned) and Win8PatchData.o​bb
    Next, I ran GTA: San Andreas on phone, it worked but I haven’t sounds(only on movies). Can you tell me why?

    My phone: Nokia Lumia 625
    OS: WP 8.1

    • You’ve downloaded the trimmed version I guess! Its clearly written, it has no audio:

      “Trimmed graphics, No audio and video resolutions reduced. Suitable for lumia 520, 620, 720, 625”

  81. the game is crashes in the first mission

    • Now we all got WP8.1 so is there any chance of installing XAP in SD card by using WPPT?

      • After you deploy the xap, go to storage sense then go to phone memory, then apps, find Games that you already deployed “example: GTA San Andreas” then tap it, select move to sd card Done :D

  82. so how to use this? is it like this?

    1. Install Main XAP (19MB)
    2. Then put 1gb cache data

    am i right?

  83. Cant download from yadisk Limit reached. Please upload to other like 4shared

  84. i cant install it i get an error pls upload a guide of how to install

  85. i use 1,7gb still force close in first mission

    i’ll try with 1gb data

  86. guys i added the first Win8MainData.obb via power tools but it didn’t work, help

  87. Thanks Admin!
    Finally you came up with this thing I was waiting a long.

    Do I have to download and deploy the 19MB XAP using XAP Deployer, and then automatically download the additional 1GB data IN PHONE itself?
    Put the 1GB obb file using WPP Tools in the 19MB xap?

  88. both of the two files or one of them?

  89. good day sir! do i need to patch the 19mb installer or download the win8maindata.obb?

  90. If any of u guys have time,please upload the Win8MainData.o​bb file to mediafire or elsewhere n share the links so its easy for others to download.

    Thank you

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