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[WP8] HD Photo Viewer v3.4.1.0 – Windows Phone Xap


HD Photo Viewer v3.4.1.0 – Windows Phone Xap

Wp8 Cracked xap

View AND Email full resolution photos!

Please contact me if you want your language to be supported. I will need your help with translation.

Your WP8 device actually shoots much better photo than what you can see from its own screen! The softness and blurry is because the phone purposefully reduced the image quality to improve performance when you pan and zoom. Use this app to view photos on your phone with the maximum sharpness!


Sorry, due to API limitations, it is impossible for a third part app to delete photos from any album.

Updates V3.4, a meaningful update:
1. Removed manual zoom limit settings. Replaced by dynamically determined maximum zoom level based on picture size and device memory
2. For extra large photos, added “deep zoom” function. May take a while to load large photos.
3. Removed page backgrounds and no longer force dark theme; also removed fade-in fade-out transition. Will add better transition in the next release but at least for now it no longer flashes your eye in the dark.
4. Corrected zoom level calculation for 1080p devices.
5. enhanced search by name functionality
6. added app password, only works if your friend does not know anything about windows phone, but since you asked.
7. Now give you the option how the screen orientation button behaves.
8. changed some icons. Moved the Play gif icon to the bottom left corner.
9. Hide built-in email password once it is set.

Windows Market

Download Xap : HD Photo Viewer v3.4.1.0 – Windows Phone Xap

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