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[WP8] Mint arrives for Windows Phone 8


Mint arrives for Windows Phone 8

Official apps for Mint.com now available for Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8.1 (US + Canada residents only)

In early March, Mint (Mint.com) famously stated that they had no plans for a Windows Phone app. Then in June, they had a change of heart (and probably some help from Microsoft) as the company announced that their financial app was headed to both Windows 8 and its Phone counterpart. Fast forward to last month and private beta testing had begun and starting today, December 4th, everyone can have Mint on their favorite Windows device.

For those who aren’t aware, Mint.com, which is now owned by Intuit (Quicken, TurboTax), is considered the must-have financial aggregation app. The service taps into any and virtually all of your institutions like banks, loans, investments, credit cards, etc. and then gives you an overview of your current status. Track your spending, plan to save money, see where your dollars are going and more.

Mint is a simple, elegant solution to a complicated monetary world. And now, Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8.1 users can take advantage of the free service.


Main features of the Mint apps

Monitor accounts anytime, anywhere. Up-to-date account information is easily accessed on Windows Phones, tablets, laptops and PCs.
Track spending. Transactions are automatically categorized to simplify money management, giving users the ability to organize their finances and create customized budgets.
Find ways to save. Mint suggests easy-to-follow steps to save more money based on users’ spending.
Enter or edit pending transactions. Add transactions at the time of purchase and instantly see available bank and credit balances.

Coming in at 6 MB, the Mint.com app for Windows Phone 8 takes advantage of the Microsoft development platform. The app is clean and Modern, allowing users to pin Live Tiles (including doublewide) of their individual accounts to their Start screen, use location services, push-notifications (for reminders) and even a passcode-lock to protect your data.

The app is simple to use too. Users can create an account within the app or head to mint.com. Once completed, various financial accounts can be added, which will then sync up to their phone.

The big selling point of Mint.com is the ability to have your bank account spending broken down into various categories. For instance, you can see exactly how much is being spent on bills, food, auto, shopping and entertainment, all without the user doing anything. Users can also see the latest transactions from their institutions to keep abreast of any charges, or have reminds sent for bill payments.

Windows Market

Download directly to phone using QR:


Source – wpcentral

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