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[WP8] Money Wallet v3.6.0.0 – Windows Phone Xap


Money Wallet v3.6.0.0 – Windows Phone Xap

Patched Xap

Money Wallet – is a simple, useful and intuitive personal finance assistant with online synchronization between several devices. The application combines all your accounts in one place, monitors budgets and always reminds you about scheduled transactions.

* list of accounts of different types (Cash, Bank account, Credit cards and others) with customizable icons
* groups of accounts
* list of transactions
* splits in transactions
* sync between several devices
* hierarchical editable category list
* multi currencies and currency rate history with ability to update it from Internet
* transfer between accounts with different currencies with currency conversation
* scheduled transactions
* a reminder of the scheduled transactions
* weekly, monthly and yearly budgets
* reports system with many different filter types
* fully support of QIF-format (import/export) and export to CSV
* database backup/restore
* support for Microsoft SkyDrive and DropBox cloud services
* credit calculator
* displaying summary info on application tile
* password protection

Trial-mode limitations:
– no more 3 accounts
– no more 1 group
– no more 3 scheduled transactions
– no more 3 budgets
– no more 1 custom report per each report type

User guide: http://1drv.ms/1m4QzXc
+ updating account after changing its currency
+ name and description of existing custom report could be changed
+ added confirmation when canceling changes in transaction
+ added ability to open QIF-files from SD cards
+ QIF import doesn’t freezing app
+ currency exchange rate in reports calculated according to transaction date not the current date
+ added export to Microsoft Excel
+ common interface to export to QIF/CSV/Excel
+ receiver, category and project reports in projection mode
+ displaying account balance value when editing transaction
+ added association with database backup files (*.sqlite)
+ new filter in the list of transactions: exclude transfers
+ in addition to function to confirm several transactions added new function – reset transaction confirmation
+ new function for account balance – match balance, to check current balance and create new transaction with required difference
+ ability to postpone scheduled transaction not only for one, three or seven days, but select exact next execution date
+ ability to create budget duplicates
* edited group name was not saving after app restart
* updating sync status if new transaction was created or edited while synchronization process
* in some cases transactions from account which is not considering in budgets were handled by budget
* fixed scheduled transactions processing if transaction was postponed
* fixed Account Balance, Net Worth and Daily Expenses reports when they have same values in the neighboring months
* payment receiver now is displaying with bold font
* making database backup with several cloud services sequentially
* fixed behavior for “Working days only” schedule parameter
* fixed performance reduce when selecting category or project
* fixed password protection security breach
* some minor bugs were fixed

Windows Phone Store

Download Xap : Money Wallet v3.6.0.0 – Windows Phone Xap

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