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[WP8] OverVolt: crazy slot cars v1.1.0.4 – Windows Phone Xap


OverVolt: crazy slot cars v1.1.0.4 – Windows Phone Xap

Patched Xap for all devices

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Run crazy miniature slot cars in OverVolt! Customize your car, challenge your friends, use the power-UPs, and be the best of the neighbourhood!
Challenge the top of the class! Control your favourite cars through six fantastic scenarios and forty cool tracks of single and multiplayer mode!


• Control your miniature car without letting them fly out of the track
• Create your-own unique car style! Go to the store-dedicated section and shoot a picture of whatever you like! Enjoy your personalized car, playing it and sharing it on you facebook profile!
• Look in the store for all the power-ups you can use during the races
• Choose among more than 25 cars with great styles and characteristics
• Race your friends, challenge them on facebook and share the results climbing the ladder of the rankings!

The game is free-to play including:
• One scenario: ten single player levels
• Three multiplayer matches per day
• Real life car customization features

Premium version includes:
• The complete single player experience: three scenarios and thirty levels
• Unlimited multiplayer
• +5000 credits
• Free saving of personalized car textures

If you need help, want to give us a suggestion or simply want to get in touch, contact us at [email protected] or drop a comment in our forum; we are waiting to hear from you!

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Download Xap : OverVolt: crazy slot cars v1.1.0.4 – Windows Phone Xap

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