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[WP8] The Sims Freeplay receive’s Adulthood Update


The Sims Freeplay receive’s Adulthood Update

Lots of new features and loads of fun with the new updates

When it comes to Xbox-updates on Windows Phone, then with tears in his eyes. Already passed the 1/12 2014 and we have not seen any new Xbox-Games. In order to slightly reduce our pain, EA released an update for their great product – The Sims Freeplay. Since its release in September, the game has been updated four times and each time gets more updates with new content, and not just bugfixes. In terms of updates, this game is very pleasing their fans. Even though Donat, who pops up at every turn. When the game gets updated to Android and iOS, an update for Windows Phone appear almost immediately. And it is also not good.


Last versіya Sims FreePlay adds two large sections: “Adulthood” and “old men” Perform these tasks and you will be able to raise their teenagers in adult and even elderly sims! Sims still growing up, but teenagers could not become adults. Thanks to update, you can now live a life sim – from birth to old age.Section “Adulthood” includes 21 job to get into it, you have to be at 19 or higher. If you follow them for a week, then get a gift EXCLUSIVE set of “Fashion”. New set of clothes will be available when creating a new Sim.


As for the “old men”, you have to be at level 21 to play it. Here 30 jobs that will bring diversity to the game. Complete all missions in 3 days and receive a special bike for the elderly.

The update also includes the following “sweets”:

  • Hobbies “sewing thread” for characters above level 23. Available from February 3.
  • Hobby “bird”. You have 25 levels? So you the new hobby.
  • Complete the section “The old” and gain access to a mysterious island.
  • Several new houses;
  • Menu SimTracker processed. For each age group separately.
  • Other improved gameplay.

The Sims Freeplay is one of the best freeplay games. Even despite the unfriendly system Donat, this is the best free Xbox-game. Download The Sims Freeplay possible link . When downloading from the store, the game requires 1GB of RAM. 

But the owners of 512 devices can download XAP file from our website , but you may experience problems with performance.

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