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[WP8] SpaceSelfie v1.1.1.0 – Take selfies that are out of this world!


spaceselfie v1.1.1.0 – Take selfies that are out of this world! 

Take selfies that are out of this world! Free app
Added unlocked Xap

Snap your picture, choose your favourite space background and apply different filters to add a cinematic feel.

Tweet your best, most creative #spaceselfie and you could win a Nokia Lumia device.

This app has been developed to demonstrate some of the capabilities of the Nokia Imaging software development kit (SDK). Developers registered with DVLUP who create an outstanding imaging app using this SDK could win a zero gravity experience!


Learn more about these opportunities to win on nokia.ly/imagin8


To get the best results you’ll need a solid one colour background that is evenly lit.
Creating this isn’t easy, but here are 5 tips that will help you make great spaceselfies:

1. Strong distinctive background colours work best – like blue, green and red.

2. You’ll need to make sure there’s contrast between you and the background and that the background colour is not duplicated in anything you’re wearing.

3. If you’re inside try using more than one light to illuminate your background – one from either side.

4. Make sure there are no shadows, highlights, patterns, wrinkles or creases in the background.

5. To help create good separation we recommend standing a couple of paces in front of your chosen background. This will also help ensure you don’t cast any shadows on the background.

Make sure you follow these rules, whether you are taking a new picture or importing one from your camera roll.

Windows Market

Download v1.1.1.0 Xap : Spaceselfie Cracked Xap

Download v1.1 Xap : Spaceselfie Cracked Xap

Download v1.0.1.0 Xap : Spaceselfie Cracked Xap

Download Xap : Spaceselfie Cracked Xap

Download using QR:


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