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[WP8] Speed X v1.1.0.0 – Windows Phone Xap


Speed X v1.1.0.0 – Windows Phone Xap

Wp8 & wp8.1 cracked Xap

Speed X – Extreme 3D Car Racing is one of the most exciting and action-packed 3D Racing Games that allows you to fulfill your most ambitious racing desires! This game lets you steer your car at unimaginable speed, giving you the heart pumping and enthralling experience that you’ve always dreamt of.


The Game consists of 15 different Tournament races and Sprint Rounds, offering you a variety of challenges. The more you win, the more you earn. Outpace your opponents and enhance your racing skills. You can also brag about your advanced driving skills via the Leader boards through Game Center.

You will be rewarded with in-Game Cash on winning races that you can gather to unlock more in the Game. Users who are passionate about racing can use In-App purchase options to gain more points and challenge any race Opponents which they want.
Speed X comes with a pack of 6 different cars in 5 different colors, a rocking background music theme and exquisite locations.

Fasten your seat belts and begin this exhilarating journey to the FINISH line!


• 6 Robust Cars
• 15 Tournament Races
• 15 Sprint Rounds
• 9 Upgradable parts for every car that you unlock
• Engaging Sound effects and Music Tracks
• Exquisite tracks and backgrounds
What are you waiting for? Gear Up Racer!

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Download Xap : Speed X v1.1.0.0 – Windows Phone Xap

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