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[WP8] Start Perfect v1.1.0.3 – Windows Phone Xap


Start Perfect v1.1.0.3 – Windows Phone Xap

Wp8 & wp8.1 cracked Xap

From the maker of Transparency Tiles comes the premier tool to get your start screen just right: Start Perfect.

We think that you shouldn’t need 10 different apps to customize your start screen. That’s why we’ve built everything you need into start perfect:

Transparency Tiles (the number one tool to get replace those ugly colored tiles like Music and Facebook) is built in, and includes support for even more apps, including OneNote, New Word Document, New Excel Worksheet, Songza, Battery, Moliplayer, Yelp, and more! Plus the built in version of Transparency Tiles allows you to change the name on the tile to anything you want, even other languages.


Start perfect also lets you create tiles for all the system settings, and transparent tiles for websites!

Need to get the layout right? Start perfect lets you make invisible blank tiles (which you can’t see at all) or transparent blank tiles (which show off your background or theme color). And if you want to get organized, you can create label tiles, either invisible or transparent.

But what good are all those transparent tiles with nothing to show behind them? Start Perfect has the tools you need to create custom backgrounds using any solid color or a gradient. And if you want a more personal touch, Start Perfect let’s you choose one of your photos and tint it. Maybe you want to tint it to your theme color for a touch of nostalgia, or maybe you want a totally different color. It’s all up to you!

All tiles, layouts, and backgrounds in the screenshots below are made entirely in Start Perfect. But they’re just the tip of the iceberg. The possibilities are endless.

Start Perfect will be updated regularly with new features. Planned features include custom images for pinned sites, tinted tiles (e.g. the Facebook tile would have a slight blue tint but still show your background), and more.

Windows Market

Download Xap : Start Perfect v1.1.0.3 – Windows Phone Xap

Mirror : Start Perfect v1.1.0.3 – Windows Phone Xap

Download Xap : Start Perfect v1.0.0.0 – Windows Phone Xap

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