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[WP8] Time Mysteries 2 (Full) v1.0.0.3 – Windows Phone Xap


Time Mysteries 2 (Full) v1.0.0.3 – Windows Phone Xap

Wp8 & 8.1 Optimized Xap

Fulfill your destiny, become the ruler of time, and change the course of history!


It is the year 1830, and a young governess named Ester has just received a letter that will change her life forever.


The message from her aunt tells Ester that her parents, whom she never met, left her an inheritance – a mansion in London. But when she goes there, it turns out that the residence is abandoned, run-down, and haunted.

When she explores the mansion, slowly learning her family’s secrets, she discovers that for many centuries, members of her family have been investigating the phenomenon of time travel. Soon Ester finds a strange object that confirms the extraordinary legacy of the Ambrose family. This is how her exciting journey, which will lead her to places – and times – she had previously only seen in dreams, begins.

During her adventure across time and space, she will discover forgotten artifacts, meet extraordinary beings, and experience supernatural events. Trying to unravel the secrets of her heritage, Ester grows ever more entangled in an ancient struggle between the wizard Merlin and his rival, Viviana.

Will the young governess change the course of history and solve her family’s ancient mystery?

Windows Market

Download Xap : Time Mysteries 2 v1.0.0.3 – Windows Phone Xap

Mirror : Time Mysteries 2 v1.0.0.3 – Windows Phone Xap


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