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[WP8] Yumi Recorder Wp8 v1.6.0.0 – Windows Phone Xap


Yumi Recorder Wp8 v1.6.0.0 – Windows Phone Xap

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A powerful cool interface, easy to operate recording tool. Real-time progress of playback, clear recording length, is an integral part of your life and business office helper.
Read local files on the SD card on your SD card to a new YumiRecorder file folders, and ‘mp3’ format audio file re-named ‘yumi’ file format.

1、 to support the dynamic changes in the spectrum
2、 support recording file rename Remarks
3、 support for audio file compression
4、 support recording file upload
5、 support for playback pause
Yumi Recorder1.5.2
1, add a save to the music library.
2, add a the read phone SD card local recording function.
3, Repair SkyDrive Upload error
1, add the peels.
2, fixes some bugs in the program.

1、 solve the problem of sound recordings playback switch a time, sometimes unexpectedly quit.
2、solve the compression and decompression success prompted, exit the program before returning can not be re-activated.
3、to address the list of programs sometimes stop recording when the time is not displayed as “00:00:00”.
4、to solve the problems after the update of the LiveSDK components, SkyDrive.xaml the “UploadAsync” error.

1、 to solve the problem of jitter in fading pictures.
2、 solve the procedural bar display problem, the program bar minimum influence of occlusion of the interface.

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Download Xap : Yumi Recorder Wp8 – Windows Phone Xap

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