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ZUNE wireless sync Tutorials


ZUNE wireless sync Tutorials

ZUNE As Microsoft developed a similar with Apple’s iTunes software, personal feeling is far more practical than iTunes to, which also joined the many creative people feel more “high tech” feature, today Xiaobian to introduce day Wireless synchronization is one of them.

Wireless synchronization, in a nutshell, is the mobile phone via data cable, and do not connect to a computer, but by the WIFI network in the LAN with a computer for data synchronization. Therefore, we use the wireless sync function on the premise that the home needs a wireless local area network (ie home using a wireless routing) both mobile phones and computers access this LAN. 

Satisfy the above conditions, the following let us step by step to turn wireless synchronization bar.
1, the first WP7 phone connected to the computer through a data line, then ZUNE will automatically open and allow the device identified, in ZUNE click the “phone” into the WP7 phone interface, then call our attention to the next screen of the phone with ZUNE synchronization relationship, as shown.


If the phone and ZUNE synchronization relationship for visitors, must click the Change button will synchronize synchronization relationship between changes. Click Next to complete all the way. Time synchronization relationship shown in Fig. (WP7 has a very egg pain, namely, that can only be synchronized with a computer to determine the relationship, such as mobile phones and computer A is synchronized relationship, and then establish a synchronization relationship and computer B, then re-connection A computer is that you will find A cell phone and a computer synchronization relationship between the visitor and dropped to levels, it seems Microsoft is quite in favor of “monogamy” of this principle)

2, in the ZUNE, click Settings – Phone – this time in the wireless sync wireless sync right of the menu screen, click Set up a wireless synchronization.


In the confirmation window, click Refresh network used to determine LAN wireless connection, then click Next determine the connection to complete the wireless connection settings.


So far, only the future WP7 phones and computers are in the same wireless LAN, plug in the power supply after 10 minutes charging wireless synchronization will start automatically synchronized, is not very convenient! Dear friends hurry to try the next ZUNE wireless synchronization feature it!

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